Should I Rent A House Or Apartment? | Apartment vs House | Which Is Better?

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Most of us prefer to rent a place while moving to a new city. 

The first question that arises in our minds when we move cities for studies, livelihood, or other reasons is where to stay. Everyone dreams of a comfortable and cozy home with reasonable rent. 

While there is no sure shot answer for this question and the choice depends upon your budget and preferences, there are some advantages and disadvantages for both options. 

Knowing which can help in taking the right decision. 

Should I Rent A House Or Apartment? ( Apartment Vs House ):


An apartment is a building that comprises several housing units. The units are constructed side by side and can be on several levels. 

The apartment units have shared walls, ceilings, and lobbies. Common spaces such as staircases, courtyards, gardens, etc. are shared by all the residents of the building.

 An apartment can be a single building or a complex of multiple buildings spread over a large area. Traditional apartments generally have a single bedroom or two bedrooms. 


A house is a dwelling unit with a large area. A house comprises two or more bedrooms built over one or more levels. 

Houses can be free-standing or semi-detached. Freestanding houses do not share any common walls, while the semi-detached houses have at least one common wall with the neighbors. 

Houses have their own backyards, garden space, and swimming pool. Sometimes in a large complex, residents share common amenities such as parks, swimming pools, and parking spaces. 

Apartments Vs House- The differences:

Right from the space available to the convenience and freedom, there are many differences between renting an apartment and a house. 

Here are some of them, considering the units of the same size, in the same location. 

Rental costRenting an apartment costs less than a houseHouses can have a high rental  price 
MaintenanceApartment complexes have their own maintenance staff to take care of the repairs and maintenanceYou have to take care of all the repair and maintenance work of the house. 
AmenitiesResidents of an apartment have to share the common amenities with other residentsHouses have their own amenities such as garden, parking space and sometimes swimming pool too 
PrivacyApartment units have shared walls, ceilings, and other common spaces, so there is less privacyYou can enjoy ample privacy in houses as there are no shared spaces 
Space Apartment offer less living space inside the unit in comparison to a houseHouses have larger living spaces as they have more rooms and also outdoor areas
Convenience Apartments are convenient as they are centrally located within walking distance from public transport, supermarkets, and other facilitiesHouses are generally located in the suburbs or outer periphery of the city

What are the four main advantages of renting a house? 

A house offers you freedom and comfort. There is no one to disturb you and no common amenities to share with other people. There are many other advantages of renting a house. Some of them are – 

1. Privacy:

If you value your privacy more than anything else, then choose to rent a house.

A house does not have any shared walls, ceilings, and common spaces with neighbors. You can enjoy peace and privacy without being disturbed by anyone. 

2. Space:

A house has more space for you and your belongings. Houses have more rooms spread over one or more levels.

Moreover, some of them also have a garden and backyard, which will provide more space for your outdoor activities.  

3. Parking:

Parking space is an important factor to consider, especially in busy metropolitan areas. A house will have a driveway and some of them also have a covered garage. 

4. Pet friendly:

A house is more pet friendly when compared to an apartment unit. More space in the house means your pet can have ample space to move around and play.

The backyard will also be an added advantage as your pet can roam freely without being disturbed. 

Along with many advantages, there are some disadvantages of renting a freestanding house. Here are some of them.

Disadvantages of renting a house

1. Maintenance:

Maintenance is a huge problem when renting a house. You have to run around to get contractors for repairs and regular maintenance.

You have to take care of every task right from cleaning the backyard and the garage to maintaining the interior of the house. More space in the house means more cleaning to do, which can take up your time. 

2. Bills:

Utility bills, taxes, and other fees are higher for houses. More the number of rooms in a house, more heating and cooling requirements. The more the space, the higher the lighting requirements. Which effectively means your electricity and gas bills will be high. 

3. Location:

Location is the main disadvantage while renting a house. Generally, houses are situated in the suburbs or outer areas of the city. Commuting for work or college will prove to be cumbersome and expensive. 

4. Security:

You have to incur higher expenses to install security equipment to protect your family and belongings. 

What are the four main advantages of renting an apartment? 

Apartment units are more centrally located and provide easy access to public transport and other amenities. Renting an apartment provides many advantages. Let us know some of them. 

1. Cost:

Renting an apartment is cheaper than renting a house. Not only the rent, other expenses such as utility bills and taxes will also be lower due to the less space inside a condo. 

2. Convenience:

Apartment complexes are centrally located and are close to supermarkets, public transport, and other facilities like schools, hospitals, etc. You can enjoy the perks of living in the center of the city with easy access to necessary facilities. 

3. Amenities:

Modern apartment complexes offer amenities such as a fitness center, gym, parks, swimming pool, etc. Some condos also have an in-unit dishwasher, washer, dryer, and other amenities to make your life comfortable.

4. Maintenance:

An apartment will have less space, which means you can quickly clean it. The maintenance of common spaces is taken care of by the maintenance staff. 

Disadvantages of renting an apartment:

1. Disturbance:

Apartments have thin walls, which means there is likely to be disturbance from your neighbors.

Moreover, due to the shared lobbies and common spaces, you may be forced to deal with the nuisance caused by noisy neighbors or playing kids. 

2. Lack of control:

In an apartment unit, you share the space with several others. The responsibility to maintain the space is also shared by all the people living there.

For example, if there is a broken pipe in the unit above you, you will also have to make do without the water supply until the problem is fixed.

Moreover, the leaking water may also damage your property. You do not have control of certain things, which is a crucial downside of living in an apartment. 

3. Less space:

Though the limited space in a condo means lower costs, it also means less space for your furniture and possessions.

You may have to leave behind some of your furniture as it simply won’t fit in the unit. The worst part is you can not even have guests over as there is limited space. 

4. Lack of freedom:

While living in an apartment, you have to follow the rules and regulations of the complex. For example, some apartments do not allow tenants to keep pets. Moreover, you cannot make any changes or improvements to the unit. 

Both single-family houses and apartments have their share of advantages and disadvantages. 

Now that you know them,  you can make an informed decision based on your budget,  lifestyle, the number of people in your family,  and your preferences. 

 It is recommended to rent a house if you want freedom, privacy, and space. On the other hand, if costs, location, and convenience are your main consideration, you can rent an apartment