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Problems faced by landlords

Problems Faced By Landlords With Tenants| How Do You Solve Them?

We always hear the stories of tenants who portray landlords as villains. There also exists another side to the story.  Landlords have major responsibilities to…

Landlord home emergency cover

What Is A Landlord Home Emergency Cover? How To Choose It? ( Best Options & Features )

Broken pipes, gas leaks, and fire accidents are all emergencies that can strike at any time. Your tenant can suddenly call up to report a…

Landlords are parasites and leeches

Why Do People Think Landlords Are Parasites And Leeches? Are They Bad and Unethical?

“My landlord is a parasite”. “My landlady is very unresponsive”. “I have a very greedy landlord”. “My landlord is evil and is trying to evict…

long term tenants rights

Long Term Tenants Rights | Can A Tenant Claim Ownership?

Tenants can claim ownership of a property if they stay for over 10 years. Long-term tenants have special rights. The landlord cannot vacate long-term tenants….

Tenant not paying electricity bill

What To Do If A Tenant Not Paying Electricity Bill? Is A Landlord Liable For It?

Dealing with irresponsible tenets can be a challenging job for the landlords.  These tenants do not pay rent and other utility bills on time, leaving…

How to become a landlord with no money

How To Become A Landlord With No Money?

Everyone dreams of an investment that gives steady returns. Being a landlord is one such profession that guarantees a steady income. However, to be a…

How to rent out property to bank

How To Rent Out Property To Bank? (Personal & Commercial For Branch & ATM)

If you have a vacant commercial property or land and want to earn a decent rent, leasing or renting out the property to a bank…

Do you need a license to be a landlord

Do You Need A License To Be A Landlord? Is Real Estate Or Business Lisence Needed?

A landlord is someone who owns a property and lets someone else live and use the property in exchange for rent. The landlord may own…

How to save tax on rental income

How To Save Tax On Rental Income? Are Rent Payments Tax Deductible?

A landlord rents out his property to the tenant to receive rent in exchange. Being a landlord is akin to doing business. The house is…

Landlord responsibilities

What Are Some Of The Key Landlord Responsibilities And Duties? | Checklist

Being a landlord is a promising way to earn extra income. However, the duties of a landlord do not end with finding tenants and collecting…